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So, whenever we plan a special meal that is for us, and not the kids, like for Valentine’s Day, for example, this is what Ramon always wants.  Our local grocery store (Harmons for those of you here in Utah) sells a fresh pineapple salsa.  I take about 3 chicken breasts and cut it up into about 1″ cubes, and then cook them up in the skillet until they are done – I like them to get kind of a golden brown crust on them, but you could cook it less if you prefer.  Then I add the container of pineapple salsa into the skillet and mix it together. I let it cook until it heats all the way though and then we eat it.  Sometimes we eat it with tortilla chips, or sometime we just serve it as it is – it depends on the mood we are in.  Usually to go along with this, we make banana milk.  Put 4 whole bananas into the blender with about a 1/4 cup of sugar and two to 3 cups of milk, depending on the thickness you like.  Just blend and serve.  A tastely valentines version could include some strawberries or raspberries in with the bananas.


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