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Hey guys here is a beautiful first try of a ciabatta bread recipe by the legendary baker, Peter Reinhart.  The bread took me 4 days to make but let me tell you it was well worth it after i tasted it.  Very good bread:) Thanks to Elise for the new baking stone and Mom and Dad for the Super peel, they worked well to create this beautiful and delicious bread.


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Hey guys, this was one of the best burgers i’ve made!  It was great and i did it all on the new grill Elise got me!  I just got one of those weird looking tubes of ground beef in the meat section of Walmart.  It was cheaper than the other meat and i was a little worried but it turned out to have a great flavor and it grilled beautifully.  I got the 80/20 mix so the meat would have a little more flavor from the extra fat in it. It seemed to stay together while it was on the grill a little bit easier than a more lean ground beef.   I added some onion powder, garlic, S & P, seasoning salt, and little bit of worcestershire sauce.  I added the spices to the raw meat in a bowl and mixed it all together before forming the patties.  I read in Weber Grills book on grilling to always season your meat before cooking.  You will always get more flavor seasoning before cooking than seasoning with the same amount of spices during or after the cooking process.  I’ve been doing this with my steaks and other cuts of meat and It has proved true every time.  For meats other than hamburger it helps to dry the surface of the meat with a paper towel and then really press the seasoning into the dried meat. Anyway back to the burger, I got the idea from Red Robin’s Banzai Burger.  I grilled some pineapple rings for a couple minutes, not too long, just to kind of carmelize the pineapple a little bit then stacked that on the burger, threw a little munster cheese on top of that and put it on a fresh toasted bun a little mayo lettuce and tomato and a few squirts of hickory brown sugar bbq sauce,  The sauce brand was Sweet Baby Ray’s, by far the best bbq sauce i’ve found that is affordable I absolutely reccomend it. The bbq sauce mixed with the pineapple was a great flavor, Elise and I loved it but i would have preferred using a teryaki sauce instead of bbq sauce we just didn’t have any.  I’ll have to try that soon and let you guys know how it goes.  I hope you guys try it and enjoy it!

Spinach Artichoke Salmon

Elise came up with this idea when we were dating and it was an instant hit for us and everyone who’s tried it so far. We love it on salmon but we have been eager to try this with a chicken variation.  My thoughts would be to stuff chicken breasts with the dip and wrap in a thin ham like prosciutto or something similar and bake it. It sounds good to me but it’s untested. The dip is also excellent baked by itself with Triscuit crackers. The main dish doesn’t take much preparation but it definately tastes like a masterpiece.  Read the rest of this entry »

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