This is a recipe sharing blog for the Page family.  We rotate each week sharing a favorite recipe, or something new we have tried.  Some guidelines for the recipe swap:

  • Try to post the “Recipe of the Week” on Sunday (or close to it) when it is your turn.  The name of the person who is up next to contribute a recipe will be displayed at the top of the main blog page.
  • The weekly rotation is meant to ensure that we get regular recipe contributions and that everyone (who wants to) participates at least sometimes.  But, you don’t need to wait until your turn if you have something you’d like to share.  Feel free to post a recipe or a link to a recipe or other food-related content you found online whenever you like.
  • If you think to snap a picture of what you made, it’s nice for the rest of us to see what it’s supposed to look like.  But it’s not necessary, nor should you feel obligated to write much commentary–simply posting a recipe is fine.  It doesn’t have to be a fancy food, or a fancy post, or something new that you’re making for the first time.  Also, if there is something you like to make that doesn’t have a specific recipe (as is the case for many things one might cook), you can just post a description of how you like to make it. 
  • Please use the comments to let us (as in, the rest of the family) know what you think, to ask questions you have about a posted recipe, and to share your experiences trying it.
  • Use the comments on this page to share general ideas for managing the recipe swap and blog.

This will be fun!